Workshop with Marios

Prasarita PadottanasanaThis past Saturday, Marios Argiros taught a yoga workshop in Southbourne. (Only about a 5 minute walk from my house!) His teaching was very clear and challenged me to work with my legs with more awareness and much more action.

The concepts he presented were familiar– I’ve heard it from all the teachers I’ve had the pleasure of studying with– but his presentation was slightly different which gave me another way to feel the actions of keeping the hamstrings broad and the hips compact. Some of the imagery he presented was that the femur heads are like dials that you rotate up on the front and down on the back while maintaining the broadness of the back thigh. Just once he used the instruction “spin faster!” meaning increase the “dialing” action of the femur head, but hearing it that way made it feel much more dynamic. Even with the most basic actions I feel like I’ve “learned,” there is always more to do and feel. Just changing the verb in an instruction can shift the awareness completely.


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